I'll go down into the pit , if you will hold the rope. William Carey the Father of Modern Missions.

Bethany Urban Development exists to be a transforming influence in urban America by reaching the poor and ethnic minorities with the power and love of Christ. It serves the community by meeting felt needs and engaging in relational evangelism, biblical mentoring and church planting. Bethany Urban Development also mobilizes and prepares the broader Body of Christ to be a sustainable witness in troubled urban neighborhoods.

Donation Policy

Bethany Urban Development is a 501(c)(3) organization and is eligible to receive tax deductible donations In accordance with IRS guidelines, contributions to Bethany Urban Development are not refundable. All funds donated become the exclusive and permanent property of Bethany Urban Development when received and are disbursed at the discretion of Bethany Urban Development. Donated funds will be used in furtherance of Bethany Urban Development's tax-exempt purposes for missions work and evangelism.
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